An AWS Lambda powered HTTP/SOCKS web proxy written in Go. It provides a constantly rotating IP address for your network traffic from all regions where AWS Lambda is available. The goal is to obfuscate your traffic and make it harder to track you as a user on the web.
proxy aws lambda golang privacy


A one click personal VPN server on DigitalOcean with automated OSX setup. The deployed VPN server includes automated updates of both the OS and VPN software, so you don't need to worry about managing a server.
vpn ipsec digitalocean osx golang


A cross platform tool that provisions all of the AWS infrastructure required to build your own privacy focused Android OS on a continuous basis with OTA updates.
android golang privacy security aws terraform


Forward all Slack direct messages to Telegram when you are not logged into Slack.
golang slack telegram

One Click Personal VPN Server on DigitalOcean

March 15, 2017
vpn privacy golang osx digitalocean jquery